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Kastas Europe GmbH is the European Headquarters and Distribution Center of Kastas Sealing Technologies. The accustomed quality of Kastas is at your service in the center of Europe. Discover the Shortcut to Sealing Elements…

  • Overnight shipments/Express Deliveries
  • More than 30.000 different items ready in-stock
  • On-site engineering services
  • Project Development/Co-Engineering
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Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str.  11-13
25451 Quickborn / Germany
Tel : +49 4106 809 280
Fax : +49 4106 809 28 49
E-mail : europe@kastas.com

Kastas Sealing Technologies Europe GMBH

Kastas Europe
Company Profile
Sales and Logistics
Engineering Services
Kastas European Distribution Center Launched Recently in Germany
Time is counting down for the Kastas Europe Logistic Center in Germany
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